• Skilled and Scientific world of acupuncture and homeopathy
  • All the money in the world can't buy you back good health
  • Try to follow a vegetarian diet,reduce your usage of red meat
  • Stay away from hot and spicy food items
  • Strenuous workout or physical exercise
  • Stay away from caffeine & alcohol

Anu Kulkarni - Tanushka Pearls & Jwellery Trading

You name it and I have tried it. From aerobics to Jane Fonda exercise to walking and not to mention the number of time I have been on a diet, lost weight but regained it in no time.
Out of sheer frustration I approached Dr.Nisheeta to seek advice and to know more about the various programs for weight loss. In the beginning I was not sure about the whole program but since I has nothing to loose apart from my weight and some money. I decided to try it.
But at the end of my sessions I founded that the results achieved with Dr.Nisheeta program was the most rewarding in terms of inches and weight loss.
I would recommend all those who find it difficult to loose weight by conventional methods to try out Dr.Nisheetaís program. I have lost weight and inches and gained a very good friend in Dr.Nisheeta so can you.
All the best

K. Jadhav - Thane

I had a good time taking the treatment and Iím happy by the results regarding my foot as well as back pain. I wish you all the best.

Daksha - Thane

I know 10 days are not enough, even you know that so please donít take my feedback because I am going to come back. Keep in touch

Dupa Williams - Dubai

Itís pleasure knowing you and treatment done by you definitely showed results in a very short time. I take this opportunity to thank you and continue this relationship for years to come not as a doctor and a patient but as friends.

Anjali Jadhav - Thane

I am totally satisfied by the treatment that I took for hair fall as well as spot reduction. Hope many people get this treatment done. It is effective without any side effects. Thank you very much and wish you all the best.

Lovely Devaya - UK

I am really pleased to find out that there is a relatively pain free Ďspot reductioní method. It is suite effective & if the results are long lasting marvelous for many people. And you Dr. Nisheeta , I thank you for your Ďsunny dispositioní. I wish you all the best.

Tabitha - Bahrain

Thanks a lot you have really helped me from this acne, I was suffering from. I came here very frustrated with ache but you helped me. Curing them I am happy and satisfied now. I hope I donít get anymore ache pimple

Reshma - UAE

Dear reader, I would love you to introduce to these magic pair of hands, they work wonders. But what else could one expect out of a workaholic Doctor. Nisheeta may you excel in you treatment and you approach in your life . thank you for the greatest treatment-

Viji - UAE

There is lot of improvement and weight loss in me. I really feel very happy. Thanks a lot Nisheeta

Tracy - USA

I feel much better and quite satisfied with 5 days treatment. As long as I donít get back the Indus I lost, I think this is a much faster & better way of loosing Indus on necessary areas

Bhavika - UAE

I would like to thank Dr. Nisheeta for helping me getting through not only the physical aspect in this treatment but she has also helped me by counseling me on metal grounds. I have lost weight by which I feel very light. Specially on the abdomen. I have lost on my thighs and arms also. I am grateful to her because she is not only a wonderful doctor and also a very special friend. Thanks a lot & god bless you!!! For helping me loose 20 Ĺ inches.

Sachie - Dubai

I would like to thank Dr. Nisheeta for helping me in reducing myself. Well I hadnít reduced much of my weigh but inches had gone approximately 13 inches. Now I am feeling very light physically

Lizy - Uk

Yet another session & Iím 17 inches lesser. Day by day I feel I m shrinking, not in spirit but in flesh in fact , I feel very boosted. I am still going in for a third session which will be the final. Dr. Nisheeta has been very supportive and sensitive to my day to day changes. Iím glad , I Ďm in good hands.

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